No Small Act

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It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.
― Leonardo Da Vinci


We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.
― Martin Luther King Jr

I’ll be honest. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to say what is on my mind. I don’t like what swims around in there and I am reluctant to burden you with my concern. I try to share my thoughts on hope and fearlessness and finding beauty and being love. But this is new territory we are in. We have a man in our highest office that has not one concern about beauty and love, who thrives on manipulation and creating fear. His one aim is himself.

We are at a crossroads. As a Christian I am devastated by the track our country is on. I am devastated that marginalized communities have to live in terror and fear of deportation. I am devastated by the loss of clean water and the disregard we have for our Native American brothers and sisters. I dread the threat facing  women and our control over our bodies. I despise the cavalier attitude toward climate change and proven science, the disposal of this land we have been entrusted to steward. I hate the lies that have been rebranded as alternative facts. I am utterly flabbergasted that the people who call themselves Christians, the same people who claim to love Jesus, drunk on power, have voted and continue to support a man with sinister motivations. A man who lies. A man who cannot be trusted.

If you claim Christianity. If you claim love as your motivation. If you claim Jesus as the one you follow. If you claim a relationship with our almighty God. If you claim the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you support this present administration, something is horribly wrong. There is a chasm I am afraid I cannot, will not bridge.

If you claim Christianity, please do not validate your support of this man with cases for the unborn and Supreme Court nominees. This ship has sailed, you have lost credibility with rational people. But there is room,  you can join the resistance, you can align yourself with the masses in opposition. You can help turn the tide, you can add your voice. Please add your voice.

As I walked in the Women’s March in Denver on Saturday I was overwhelmed by the spirit of generosity and kindness. People were jovial and excited. There was a heartbeat of faithful resistance for the many things at risk that are so very important. Did I agree or align with every single one of my 150,000 fellow attendees? No, but I believe in the generosity of the people who showed up. There is a desire for hope, for dialogue, for solutions. We long to believe the world will be a better place going forward for ALL women because of our resistance efforts. Why would anyone want to go backwards?

We are in uncharted waters as Americans and I am flailing. Words are few and tensions mount. My salvation is in the practice I have cultivated since I was a young girl – writing, reading Scripture (with the lens of grace and love for my neighbor and myself), meditation. My heart breaks and it gets put back together time and time again, fear quiets and I find rest in this beautiful hour before the house creaks and groans with children. This is all I have. I take in too much Twitter and Facebook, I listen to too much NPR, I have too many conversations to stoke my sanity, but I believe I must. I must try to gulp from the informational firehose that has become our new normal.

My personal prescription may not be right for you. Triggers abound and the most important work now is to conserve, to triage the issues for oneself, to find the places we can make our difference, to align with people that we can support. No action is too small. When I feel helpless I like to call my Senators and Representatives. When I have a burst of energy I like to read about new efforts. When I’m anxious I like to talk with Eric or go to the gym or find a friend to gain perspective. It all matters. Our democracy does not come for free and we cannot claim our complacence any longer. It is time to rise.

Don’t let the overwhelm of garbage discourage you. Take a moment, care for yourself in whatever way works. Make a call, talk to a friend, have easy people over for dinner.

This is our resistance, to advocate and provide for the people under attack in our communities, to advocate for science, to dwell together in love and justice.  Our resistance must be motivated by desire to see God’s Kingdom come, here, now on earth as it is in Heaven. This is our work and it happens one decision at a time. No act is too small.


*A couple resources for you:

  1. Call your representatives. Here is a fantastic resource to keep track of the issues, who to call and their contact information. I have not seen anything this good:
  2. Start thinking about changing Congress, is a fabulous movement designed for us all to nominate our qualified friends and family to fill the 400 seats coming up for re-election in 2018.
  3. If you’re feeling triggered by the gas lighting of America by a manipulative abuser, you are not alone:


2 thoughts on “No Small Act

  1. Thanks for this, Jen. Sometimes I feel like I’ve simply resigned and accepted our “fate”; I feel powerless. It’s encouraging to see that you are still standing.
    Blessings to you.

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