A Thank You & Giveaway


Untitled design-7Today brings me to Day 5 of Jeff Goins’ Blog Like a Pro Challenge. While I am grateful I stumbled upon this event, I am tired. Someone in our Facebook group said it would take her a week to accomplish each day’s task. I have written a manifesto, managed to install plug-ins, designed an ebook (which is available to anyone who wants to subscribe to my blog), set up a pop-up (those annoying little things that dangle on the screen in front of what you’re trying to read. Yeah, one of those…), I now know how to design and dispense a newsletter – I’m novice, but I can do it, and I have guest posted. All in four days.

Our assignment today is to give something away to our trusty readers. And, you know what? It’s about time. You are all good to me. I appreciate your kind words, your encouragement, your invitations to expand on something I said. I am so grateful that there’s been nothing hateful or hurtful, I have not encountered anything divisive.

I am moved by you. Thank you.

Like many of us, expectations can get the best of me. I tend to be hard on myself, demanding perfection, and think I should (oooh, there’s that word – none of us should ever should on ourselves) do more or be farther or better.

You all keep me grounded – in love, in faith, in real, in generosity. Thank you.

So, in the spirit of being grounded. I am giving away a free copy of the book, “Grounded; Finding God in the World, A Spiritual Revolution” by Diana Butler Bass.

Please comment here, on this blog, and you will be entered into my raffle. Names will be drawn Friday, March 25. It will be completely honest and anonymous, monitored by my teenage children. How’s that for accuracy and fairness?