First Things First

I can’t believe how clean my desk and house are at this moment as I find any reason to avoid putting words to page. My stomach in small knots, hands clammy, heart rate elevated. I have my people to take my honest thoughts, but now, to throw those carefully polished (and some quite rough) nuggets into the blogosphere feels…vulnerable.

I am Jen, wife of E, mother of three: the ABC’s. Our dwelling is in Boulder County, Colorado…almost one acre on county land with 4 chickens, 2 lambs, 1 rabbit, and a dog. We are trying our hand at living simpler (in some ways), wiser, and quieter…after having downsized from a lovely, spacious home in the local neighborhood.

I choose to stay home, but own a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. I have quiet in my days, but long for greater significance at times. I wrestle much with the expectations placed on my as an accomplished female, yet, I wonder often from where the expectations arise. Mostly me…although I will also say I don’t think women can have it all.. everything we want…without sacrificing in key areas.

I am an athlete…love to run, ride my bike, hike, backpack, walk, practice yoga and Pilates. I am a recovering triathlete…but reserve the right to reenter when time and desire allow.

I am discovering (or admitting) that I am a developing activist.  Social justice causes are regularly winding their way into my heart.

I am a Christian, in the sense that I love Jesus and believe He is the Son of God, having died on the Cross so ALL may have life abundant…whether it’s on this side of eternity or the other.

I started my first garden this year and learned how to grow (or more likely learned how to plant) beets, zucchini (holy cow!), carrots, tiny tiny kale, tomatoes, and others.

I am an introvert, yet that comes as a surprise to many since I can manage a conversation with just about anyone. However, a day at home, to myself is usually just what the doctor ordered after a night at a party.  My personality is identified by Myers-Briggs as INFJ.

I love naps, my dog, being outside, reading books and blogs, deep conversations, beer, my bed, watching my children become who they are, feeding my family (about 3 times a week), and snowy days.